THURROCK MP Jackie Doyle-Price has denied union claims that Thurrock Schools will lose nearly £10million in funding over the next four years.

Ms Doyle-Price made the calls as the Government ponders whether to introduce a new funding formula to schools across the country.

The National Union for Teachers has hit out at the plans arguing that it would see schools take on less teachers and teach less subjects.

However, Ms Doyle-Price says that schools in the borough stand to make around £1.5million.

In a statement, she said: "The Government is currently considering how to change the funding formula for schools to make it fairer. The claims that Thurrock schools are facing cuts are simply not accurate.

"In truth, Thurrock will benefit from these changes which will see funds redirected from richer areas to those with higher levels of deprivation. There is an additional £1.4m coming into Thurrock."

In information provided to the Gazette, Ms Doyle-Price maintaints that the following schools will all get more money:

- Lansdowne, Purfleet, Quarry Hill, Gateway Primary, Aveley, Somers Heath, Deneholm, Woodside, West Thurrock, Herringham, Shaw, St Marys, St Thomas’s. Hathaway, Ockendon, Harris Academy Chafford Hundred, Grays convent, William Edwards, Gateway Academy.

- East Thurrock: Hassenbrook Academy, St Clere's School, Gable Hall School, Stanford-Le-Hope Primary School.

Ms Doyle-Price also hit out at the "mislead figures published by the NUT" and described "significant" increases for Hathaway and Ockendon.

She said: "It is utterly self-defeating for any of these schools to support opposition to the funding changes. It is very disappointing that the NUT are using misleading figures to fight these proposals which are simply designed to make sure that funds are directed in a fairer way.

"It means that some schools will gain and some schools will lose. But overall there is more money, not less, going into our schools.

"I hope parents are not misled."