TWO hundred or more workers are set to lose their jobs at Thurrock Council.

Leader of the council, John Kent, announced during a council cabinet meeting last night that it is estimated 200 people or more could lose their jobs at the council.

He said: "That is 200 people's jobs at least that will be going. That is 200 families at least that will be worrying about how they will be paying their bills.

"That is 200 or more Thurrock Council staff who we will be telling that we must learn to do without your job. It is not nice in any way shape or form."

He added: "Here in Britain we are constantly being told by the government that the recession is over. I have to say that it does not feel like it to any of the public bodies up and down the country who are being squeezed harder and harder.

Over the past two years the around 200 people have lost their jobs at Thurrock Council.

Councillor Kent said: "Over the past two years we have already had to make in a range of 200 redundancies and every one of those I have had to sign off and every one of those has hurt me personally and now we a re looking at losing another 200 more."