MORE than 300 people have signed a petition calling for a market to be set up in Chadwell St Mary.

Shop owner Hayley Chaplin presented the names to a council meeting, arguing the addition of a marketwould give the area a muchneeded injection of trade, as well as providing shoppers with things they are unable to get elsehere.

Mrs Chaplin said the land in front of shops in Defoe Parade was unused and could be a great site.

She said: “What we want is for people to come back together again. Defoe Parade used to be a buzzing area, it had a lot of people there, a lot of interest – now it is dead.”

She added: “We already have a number of people who are very willing to come and put a stall on that site, so we’re calling on the council to use this piece of land.

“It would also stop children playing about on it and causing a nuisance to shopkeepers.

“And it would bring more trade while people are looking around the market and bring the council a bit more revenue too.”

The idea was welcomed by Chadwell Community Forum chairman Peter Saunders.

He said: “Chadwell suffers like the rest of Thurrock from being too close to Lakeside and the big supermarkets, so any initiative to try to revitalise businesses in the area is good in my book.

“The only possible problem is parking because it can get a little bit busy.”