A WAR of words between Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price and borough Councillor Lynn Worrall erupted over the no show of Tory members at Monday’s First World War centenary service.

Labour councillor Ms Worrall tweeted to say it was a disgrace and disrespectful that not one Tory councillor or Ms Doyle-Price attended the service.

Ms Doyle-Price responded by saying she was in Bosnia supporting victims of war and that not one Tory councillor was invited to the service at Tilbury Fort, demanding an apology from the councillor.

The Twitter conversation in full:

Lynn Worrall: Not one Tory councillor or JDP attended this important historic event. Disgraceful and disrespectful.

Jackie Doyle-Price: Neither disgraceful nor disrespectful. I have been in Bosnia supporting victims of war. Cheap and beneath you.

LW: I am big enough to apologise to you JDP. No excuse the Thurrock Tories were not represented at the service.

JDP: Incidentally I didn't receive an invite, nor did the Conservative cllrs I have asked. I think you owe them an apology too.

LW: All 49 cllrs were sent a save the date calendar invite from members services. I await my apology!

JDP: Not what I have been advised and as I haven't received anything, perhaps there has been an error.

LW: I take it no apology then for your error?

JDP: Err what error? My office received nothing. Think you need to check with TBC (Thurrock Borough Council). Very disappointing you are playing politics here.

LW: I was having a quiet evening till you tweeted requesting an apology I didn't need to give. The fact is no Tory attended.

JDP: Well think again before you tweet and press release defaming me and Conservatives in Thurrock without getting your facts right.

LW: I gave a report to full council, there was a calendar invite to all cllrs and a Tory on the events committee. I rest my case.