A CHARITY shop has celebrated its first year of raising money with an afternoon tea party.

Little Havens’ charity shop in Lodge Lane, Grays, opened in July 2013 and, on July 25, staff, volunteers and customers celebrated racking up £90,000 worth of sales since that time.

The cash raised goes towards the charity’s mission to provide respite breaks, symptom and pain management and care for seriously ill children at the end of their lives across Essex, which providing support to their families.

Manager Clare Bowler said: “I love working in a retail environment - there are always different people to talk to, merchandising and stock control to consider.

“I live in the area so often get regulars popping in who I know and it’s such a friendly parade of shops.

“There’s lots of support from the local community and people come from all over the town to buy goods and make donations. There’s a lovely community spirit here and I’m glad that we’re making a difference as each sale means more money for the hospice.”

For more information Havens Hospices shops visit www.havenshospices.org.uk/shops