A FAMILY is calling for help in finding a beloved Yorkshire Terrier who went missing.

Gillie, a cropped silver/grey 13-year-old dog, went missing from Jo Smith's house on the Frost Estate in Corringham at around 1pm on Saturday, July 12.

The gentle "teddy bear", who belongs to Jo's 82-year-old grandfather, John Bond, got out through a gate with his Dad, Charlie.

A search party scoured the area immediately but he couldn't be found.

An appeal for residents to keep an eye out for Gillie, who requires medication, was posted on the Stanford-le-Hope Facebook page and since then, factions of the community have rallied to help look for the run-a-away pup.

Jo, who first laid eyes on Gillie when he was just 20 minutes old, said: "I went on holiday last Friday and while I was away, a 'perfect stranger' organised a search party.

"A group of between 10 and 15 other 'perfect strangers' went out and scoured the area, calling his name, but had no luck."

The family are offering a substantial reward for Gillie's return. It is thought he may have been taken in by a well-meaning neighbour.

"We're still looking for him everyday," Jo added. "If any body has acquired a dog or been given a dog like Gillie, then please question where its come from and how it's been acquired."

Gillie is an average size Yorkshire Terrier, wearing a collar and tag with his name, address and a telephone number engraved on it.

A dedicated Facebook page - "Finding Gillie" - has also been set up.

If you think you might know where Gillie is, then please call Jo on 07946103194.

Thurrock Gazette: Gillie and John Bond

Gillie in a party hat, with owner John Bond