UKIP will win in Thurrock at next year’s general election, a poll of the borough has found.

Research conducted by Lord Ashcroft, a businessman and Tory peer looking at voting intentions in marginal constituencies, predicts that 36 per cent of voters in Thurrock will vote for the Eurosceptic party - meaning their surge at the local elections might not be a flash in the pan.

The survey, carried out between June 18 and 26, asked just over 1,000 residents who they intend to vote for next May, how satisfied they are with the current Government and which Government they would like to see in power next year.

It found that just 28 per cent will vote Conservative and 30 per cent will vote Labour. In addition, the poll found that 36 per cent of respondents are dissatisfied with the job David Cameron is doing overall as Prime Minister but would still prefer to him to Ed Miliband.

Tim Aker, who is the UKIP candidate for Thurrock next year, said: "I truly believe UKIP can win in Thurrock: we've had Councillors elected here and I am determined our messages of common sense on controlling immigration, getting out of the EU and putting local people first will be messages we get out to every single resident in the constituency."