UKIP’S aspiring MP hopes his party will rehape the political landscape in Thurrock.

Tim Aker, who aims to take on Tory MP Jackie Doyle- Price at next year’s general election, says his party wants Thurrock Council to return to the committee system, which allows all councillors to play a part in policy-making.

The current cabinet system leaves a small group of portfolio holders, usually from the largest party, holding all the power.

Mr Aker, pictured, who was elected a Member of the European Parliament for the East of England last month, said: “In Norfolk and Cambridgeshire county councils, we’ve held the balance of power and successfully changed the structure from the cabinet system to the committee system.

“It’s something we’ve already discussed, it’s party policy. We’re not going to rush into it but, with the four-year terms our councillors have got, it’s a priority and a deal-breaker for anything the party is asked to vote on.”

Labour leader John Kent revealed the line up of the 2014/15 cabinet last week ahead of tonight's (Wednesday) council annual general meeting.

Ukip also plans to open a constituency office in Thurrock following its success in the local and European elections.