ENGLISH Democrats set out to start a new peasants’ revolt at their election launch in Fobbing but a local historian said they should be careful what they wish for.

The party, which wants a referendum for England to leave the United Kingdom, chose the village for the launch of its European election campaign on Wednesday, April 30 as it was where the Peasants’ Revolt against Richard II began in 1381.

Chairman Robin Tilbrook made his party’s case from a memorial arch in Fobbing Park under the slogan “Let the English Revolt Begin!” - but Thurrock History Group chairman Susan Yates, 62, said it could be a poisoned chalice.

“The Peasants’ Revolt was a huge national event and something children should learn more about,” she said, “so while I don’t agree with their politics I don’t blame them for using it to start their campaign.

“But they could be shooting themselves in the foot because it doesn’t necessarily mean people are going to revolt in their favour.”

The party is hoping to clinch one of the seven European Parliament seats in the South East of England on May 22, which Mr Tilbrook said the party had a chance of winning, based on their six per cent showing in the Essex police and crime commissioner elections.

However it is not fielding council candidates in south Essex for elections on the same date, he said, because the threshold for national media coverage in local elections is about 2,500, while the party was able to field a full 73 candidates for the European election.