A COUPLE who thought they would never have a child...now have three!

Rebecca and Anthony Hoffman endured nine miscarriages, and the loss of their premature son.

Rebecca, 35, and Anthony, 34, started trying for a baby in 2000, but suffred for a decade.

Then Rebecca, who has polycystic ovary syndrome, a common condition, prematurely gave birth to Anthony in 2010 but he tragically died two days later.

Following another miscarriage, the couple adopted Jayden, six, and Ruby-May, five, then Rebecca fell pregnant again in 2012.

Rebecca then gave birth to healthy Jack last June.

Now husband Anthony has been awarded at the Tommy Awards, which recognises people whose lives have been affected by pregnancy complications.

He was recognised for the amazing support he gave his wife.

Rebecca said: “My pregnancy with Jack was incredibly stressful, but Anthony helped me through it, like he always does.

He would do little things that made a world of difference.”

“But it was when we lost Anthony that I won’t ever forget, or be able to thank him enough, for what he did.”

Modest Anthony said he just did what any loving husband would do. He added: “I don’t think that I’ve done anything extraordinary, I’ve always been a positive person and believe that you can still go through the most heartbreaking situations and come out the other side.”