A PROPOSED traveller site in Corringham has been rejected despite pleas from the family who want to move there that there isn’t enough traveller provision in Thurrock.

The site, Manor View on Southend Road, would have catered for four groups of the Ward family, and consist of eight caravans. The application has for a temporary period of five years.

The family have lived on the site since March 2013.

Speaking at last night’s Thurrock Council planning meeting, a representative for the Ward family said: “There is a chronic lack of provision for Irish travellers in Thurrock and South Essex, and Dale Farm has made the situation worse.

“Travellers survive by living together as families. They are facing a struggle whilst councils do nothing to make any provisions. It’s a desperate situation for Irish travellers.”

Ward councillor Andrew Roast said he felt the application seeked to increase the damage and character to a rural part of the road.

He added: “Thurrock has a diverse population and we welcome people from all communities to settle here. There is a right and a wrong way to set up home in Thurrock.

“Moving onto green belt land, putting up fences and buildings and then applying for retrospective planning permission to stay whoever you are, is the wrong way.”