A MAN has been left baffled after the council refused to fix the pot hole blighted road outside his house - because they don’t know who owns the road.

Jim Howe, who lives opposite the roundabout where Park Way meets Recreation Avenue, is happy to fill the crater like holes in the road outside his house himself.

But Thurrock Council won’t let him as he needs a permit to close the road.

The council won’t fix the road either, as they say it’s not their responsibility.

Mr Howe, 40, argues the road surface is made worse by council vehicles accessing the recreation ground. On Saturday, more than 100 cars used the road to get to the playing fields, causing it to detriorate further.

Mr Howe said: “I think the council should fix the road, or at least subsidise it. The majority of the damage is caused by vehicles accessing the park.

“But when they called me on Saturday, they said the road is private, but it isn’t in the deeds of any of the houses down here.

“Then when I say i’ll repair it myself, they say I can’t because I need a permit.”

He added: “We’re happy for the road to be unmade and uneven, but the holes as they are are ridiculous. They’re getting bigger and bigger.”

Andrew Roast, a Conservative councillor for Corringham and Fobbing, said: “I just want the council to give residents down there some advice, they are the road experts. They need to explain what needs to be done, even if they won’t do the work themselves.”

A spokesman for Thurrock Council said: “This road is believed to be privately owned and its upkeep is therefore the responsibility of the householders.

“However, Thurrock Council is investigating the issues – including ownership and responsibilities both for the road and for the damage.”