SPEED cameras in Thurrock have been switched off since 2010, it has emerged.

The shock news comes after the council revealed plans to turn them back on.

All the borough’s seven fixed cameras and one red light camera were turned off four years ago to save £100,000 per year.

The council chose to opt out of the Essex Safety Camera Working Group, which would have managed and operated the cameras, and decided not to operate them itself as that is even more costly.

But now, for just £7,000 a year, the cameras could be switched back on in April and managed by the working group, should the council’s cabinet agree.

It is claimed the cameras could mean six fewer injuries, including two fatal, each year. The council will also get to keep half the money raised through fines.

But residents have branded the move pointless.

Terri Olley, 52, from Tilbury, said: “Keep them off, it’s made no difference, and no one’s had to pay a fine.”

Shelley Hughes, from Grays, said: “The one in Hogg Lane proves some people do not take heed of the limit.”

But Andy Smith, the councillor responsible for transport and highways, said: “In the emergency measures we had to take in 2010, leaving the safety camera partnership was one of the first savings we had to find. It was costing us more than £100,000 a year.

“I know these cameras are not popular, but if you do not break the law and put others’ lives at risk, you won’t have to pay the fine.”

The speed cameras locations are:

*Lodge Lane, Grays, near Chestnut Avenue.

*A1013 London Road, Grays, near Breach Road.

*A126 London Road Grays, near Angle Road.

*B1335 Stifford Road, South Ockendon, near Daiglen Drive.

*A1012 Hogg Lane, Grays, between Elizabeth Road and Eastern Way.

*B186 South Road, South Ockendon, near Moss Road.

*B186 South Road, South Ockendon, near Verbena Close.

*A128 Brentwood Road, Chadwell St Mary crossroads with Linford Road and Riverside – red light.