A DAMNING report claims there are an alarming number of construction faults on newly built flats in Purfleet that residents had to abandon at Christmas.

The dossier, put together on behalf of property management group OM, gives a harsh verdict on the Watts Wood Park estate, in Bridgland Road, built by developer Bellway Homes.

The report, by Base Building Consultancy, states:

  • Tiles were not fixed to the roof adequately.
  • Some of the roof materials should only have been used as a short-term repair solution.
  • A number of practices during construction were “inadequate”.
  • The “exceptionally inclement weather” played its part in the damage.

Residents reported holes in their roofs and water coming into their properties to OM in October.

Nothing was done until December after high winds caused further damage, leaving up to eight families homeless.

They are not expected to be back in their homes until at least May.

Some believe the report is OM’s way of putting pressure on Bellway.

A Bellway spokesman said it was now reviewing the findings.

He added: “We are taking the matter very seriously and seeking independent verification of the findings.

“Bellway is being fully cooperative in this matter and will work with all involved to seek a resolution.”

Resident Kenny Reid, 34, said: “People have been made homeless, people’s homes have been destroyed and people’s cars damaged. We have been let down.”

Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle- Price said she was concerned.

She said: “Residents of Bridgland Road have bought a property in good faith and from a reputable company.

“The least they can expect is that it is built to an appropriate standard.”

A spokesman for OM said the report was commissioned to help it understand the full scale of the damage caused to the houses last year.