AS part of our new Your Gazette feature, we speak to Tilbury resident Terri Olley.

Terri, 52, has been in the borough since she was just six months old and has lived in Ockendon, Stanford-le-Hope, Horndon, Orsett and Grays.

She used to work at Lakeside and for a few years ran the Orsett Cock pub, in Stanford Road, Orsett. It is now the Voujon restaurant.

Her children are local singersongwriter Jordan Gray, 25, also known as Tall Dark Friend, Dalton Gray, 23, who works at Lakeside, and Cody Gray, 21, who is at university in Cardiff.

Q) What do you love about Thurrock and what’s kept you here?

A) Although I consider leaving, I never do. It holds too many memories for me like the people and places and the children’s achievements. It feels safe to me.

Q) If you could change one thing about the borough, what would it be?

A) I would have the high-rise flats pulled down. People deserve a home with a garden and a surrounding that generates pride.

Q) How do you think other parts of Essex see Thurrock?

A) Sadly, Thurrock’s reputation among surrounding areas isn’t a good one, and that’s not wholly deserved. The majority of Thurrock people are good, decent and hard working. Many families came here from the East End of London, including mine.

Q) How do you see the future panning out for the borough?

A) I feel Thurrock is expanding rapidly and possibly for the best. The area has excellent prospects and I feel the work is out there for people who want it.

Q) And finally, what’s your view on the Thurrock Gazette?

A) I have read the Thurrock Gazette all my life. I’ve used it to advertise and often submitted news for Tall Dark Friend. It’s part of everyday life here in Thurrock.

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