CORRINGHAM police station could be sold off, according to the Essex police and crime commissioner.

The announcement comes just months after local Conservative councillor James Halden struck a deal enabling the Thurrock Youth Offending team to use the premises on Gordon Road.

But Nick Alston, the commissioner for Essex confirmed that once the current deal with Thurrock Council ends, the building is likely to be sold.

The station was closed to the public in September 2011 and could now be sold off within a year.

He said: “The two year lease with the Youth Offending Team will end in the autumn of next year and may be extended a further year to autumn 2016. During this period there will continue to be police operational use of the building and, by implication, further time to reflect on the building’s future use.

“I would emphasise, however, that there are no current plans to re-open the front office counter and at the end of the arrangement with the Youth Offending Team, it is likely the building will be sold.”

Mr Alston’s statement came as Angie Gaywood, the council’s Labour portfolio holder for public protection, moved to clarify the new set up at the station.

Mr Halden had announced last November that there would be a front desk service at the station.

She described this as “youthful exuberance” saying: “I welcomed this news but felt dismayed when I received confirmation it simply wasn’t true.

“Residents have continued to contact me thrilled to think the police station was reopening, and now I’ve seen for myself this isn’t the case.”