A WOMAN suffering incurable cancer is defying the disease by making a success of her dog grooming business.

Dawn Moran, 45, was told she had breast cancer in July 2007, and soon afterwards the disease had spread to her liver.

She was given up to two years to live by doctors... but, more than six years on, she is battling on amid treatment and operations.

Dawn said her diagnosis had left her feeling like a ticking time bomb, so she started the company with her husband, John, as they just wanted to live for today.

She said: “My oncologist has said it’s amazing how I’m responding. They can’t believe it.”

John, 48, quit his job running a golf course, in Kent, and trained to become a dog groomer 18 months ago to support Dawn’s business.

Now, the couple run the Bark and Groom mobile saloon from their home in Chafford Hundred, giving them more time together with their children – Sophie, ten, and Jack, seven – and their boxer Bella.

Dawn added: “We have to juggle life and work. We’ve got no choice, and we’ve just got to get on with it.”

John said: “With Dawn’s diagnosis and going to hospital, it was difficult with full-time work, so doing this has givenme the opportunity to have a nice work-life balance.

“I can now just book the day off when Dawn has an appointment, so the process of getting to and from the hospital now is much less stressful.”

Formore information on Bark and Groom, call 01375 482724, or visit www.barkandgroom.co.uk