THURROCK Council has once again given short shrift to the idea of link road between the east of the borough and Canvey.

At last night’s full council meeting Tory councillor for The Homesteads, James Halden, put forward a motion asking for any bid for a road connecting the two to be objected by the council.

He said: “I understand Canvey wanting this but it will not benefit the people of Corringham. This will benefit one community far more than the other.

“The motion is to be robust on our views so people know where we stand as a council. If we had a more authoritative role in Essex this bid would have been killed off at the get go.”

The plans, if passed, could see a road built to link the Manorway in Corringham to Northwick Road, Canvey.

Tory leader for Thurrock Phil Anderson and County Hall have clashed in recent days, with County Councillor and Canvey stalwart Ray Howard backing the idea of the link road.

Mr Anderson said the local concern is the extra traffic a link road would bring on top vehicles from DP World and the potential new Thames Oil Port development.

Councillors at the meeting, including Sue MacPherson and Pauline Tolson backed the motion, adding residents need to be protected.

Council leader John Kent said he understood any such project would need £70 million of private funding, and that any road would have a toll.

He added: “This council has never proposed a link to Canvey. There is a real fear that the link and the Thames crossing option C will go hand in hand.”