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Live updates from Thurrock full council

Last updated:

    Tonight’s Full Council meeting will see a number hot topics raised by members of the public, as well as councillors. The meeting, which starts at 7pm, will include:
  • • Discussions on the proposals to build 800 homes in Corringham, after the Save Corringham Greenbelt group gathered over 1,500 signatures on a petition against the plans.
  • • A motion asking the council to object any proposal for a road or bridge between Canvey and East Thurrock.
  • • The welfare of the Mardyke horses.


Ed Woods 8:50pm Wed 22 Jan 14

"Cllr Gledhill said the message needs to go out to developers that Thurrock is open for business but won't be giving up its greenbelt."

Is this the same Cllr Rob Gledhill that voted for 15% of new houses (2775 homes) to be built on Thurrocks Green Belt?

Is this the same Cllr Rob Gledhill that also voted for an additional 4750 dwellings above the 18500 already agreed to be built in Thurrock – so although the Local Development Framework plan identifies where 18500 homes go – it also prepares the way for an additional 4750 homes to be built – so at least 23250 homes will be built over the next 13 years.

As for defending the Green Belt the Conservatives voted for it to be Thurrock Council policy to “continue to identify further sites within the Green Belt to allocate for residential development” and for “building to continue on the Green Belt where appropriate.”

I haven't plucked the above information from thin air or made it up – it’s in the Local Development Framework document that Conservative and Labour Councillors voted for.

There is nothing like the stench of a hypocritical politician.

Score: 2

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