A DISABLED council tenant has won a four-year battle with Thurrock Council to have repairs carried out on his house.

Alan Scott, 41, who lives in Parkside Avenue, Tilbury, took the authority to court to get work carried out on his damp-ridden property.

Mr Scott, who told how he is diabetic, asthmatic and has suffered from depression, secured a court order following a dispute which began back in 2009.

It means the council has had to carry out work to a standard set by a surveyor appointed by Mr Scott, having originally refused.

Damp had set in all over the property, but was worst in the downstairs shower-room and one of the upstairs bedrooms.

It was successfully argued that Thurrock Council was in breach of its tenancy agreement and the council lost its case at Southend County Court, after it failed to submit paper work on why repairs had not been carried out.

The council has now finished sorting the property out, but Mr Scott is not stopping there and is seeking compensation for the items he has lost and the deterioration to his health.

He said: “I think they have taken the mick out of me. It’s taken for me to have to seek legal advice and take them to court to get these problems sorted out.

“It’s been really hard for me and had a big impact on my health. On some occasions I was tearful at the way the council treated me.”

He added: “The council have to pay me £1,198 as they didn’t complete the work in time.

“But that doesn’t cover the things i’ve lost, that have been ruined by the damp, the problems this has caused my health and the rent i’ve had to pay.”

The council declined several offers by the Gazette to respond.