A MAN used a company credit card to buy three cameras which he hid at work so he could spy on his female colleagues while they were on the toilet.

Jonathon Canavon, of Chestnut Avenue, Grays, purchased one camera, disguised as an air fresher, and placed it in the women’s cubicle at the BP oil refinery on the Isle of Grain, where he worked.

He also bought two more cameras as part of a £9,000 spending spree on the company card between October 2012 and May 2013, which included the purchase of “extras” at seedy strip clubs in Essex and Kent.

The 32-year-old, who unsuccessfully stood to be a councillor for Labour in East Tilbury in 2004, pleaded guilty to one count of voyeurism and 19 counts of theft by employee at Medway Magistrate’s court on Monday.

The pervert was caught out after the camera’s footage showed him installing it in the ladies toilet.

Canavon had earned the trust of female colleagues at the BP plant where he was a supervisor but in a sick twist, he betrayed them by placing the spy device in their toilets.

While in the toilet in May 2013, one of the women spotted a blue flashing light coming from the air freshener, which was placed on a pipe. She picked it up and found the camera inside.

After accessing the memory card and viewing it, she was horrified to discover images of Canavon placing the device inside the cubicle.

He was arrested when he turned up for work that night.

Canavon purchased three cameras in total. One was hidden in a tissue box and another was disguised as a coat hook but they have never been found. BP eventually sacked him.

His victims, both of whom were Canavon’s colleagues at the Kent oil plant, chose to speak out about their ordeal but did not wish to be named. One said: “I was sickened when I realised what he’d done, I thought he was a friend, I trusted him.

“I felt violated and angry. I didn’t know if he had uploaded what he had filmed to the internet. It was months before the police told us they had found no evidence that he had. I think he’s just sick in the head.

“We trusted him before this happened. He had been single and lived with his mum and dad and so we even tried to help find a girlfriend, set him up on dates and things like that.”

Canavon is due to be sentenced at Maidstone Crown Court on Friday, January 31.