AN abandoned horse died after it was found collapsed in a field in Aveley.

The elderly bay mare was spotted by an RSPCA inspector just off Ship Lane on Tuesday and appeared to have been lying there a while.

She had eaten all the grass around her.

A vet was called, but despite treatment and efforts to revive the horse - which led to her getting up at one point - she later died.

Now the RSPCA are appealing for the owner to get in touch.

News of the horse's plight came just days after the council agreed to act on concerns for 40-odd horses grazing on the nearby Mardyke Valley - which suffers severe flooding every winter.

Adam Jones, an inspector for the RSPCA, said: "She was quite old judging by her teeth but there was evidence that someone had cared for her in the past couple of months because her teeth had been rasped and her feet were in good condition.

"If anyone knows who owned her I would ask that they please call the RSPCA’s inspector information line on 0300 123 8018. She did have a microchip but no address had been registered."

Thurrock Gazette:

The bay mare receiving treatment. Sadly, she later died.