A DECISION on the location of the Lower Thames Crossing is expected on Thursday morning.

An annoucement is expected around 9.30am although the Gazette understands Option B, which would link the A2 to the A1089 road, north of Tilbury Docks, will not be selected.

Council Leader John Kent tweeted this morning to say 'Still hoping they see sense and look again outside of Thurrock.'

Patrick McLoughlin, Secretary of State for Transport, has written to Thurrock Council explaining over 5,700 responses have been received from the consultation.

It is likely a decision will give green light to Option A, which will see an additional crossing next to the current Dartford Crossing, or Option C, which will link the M2 with the M25 between J29 and J30.

The announcement comes after Mr Kent wrote to Mr McLoughlin in November, asking him when a decision will be made.

He said: “We’ve been promised an announcement about a decision on whether the government prefers Option A, B, or C for several months.

“Whatever the reason, and whatever the outcome, local people want an end to the prevarication and I call on Mr McLoughlin to stick to his promise this time and make ‘an announcement’ by the end of the year.”