THE Environment Agency has issued a flood alert for Thurrock's coastline.

The alert, which covers the borough's 18 miles of river frontage, from Leigh-on-Sea to Purfleet warns residents to be wary of the potential for high water due at 5pm today.

The Envrionment Agency has three levels if warning, with this alert being the lowest of the three, which states "flooding id possible, be prepared".

Strong north north westerly winds are expected this evening, which could cause a tidal surge.

The Agency's latest information, updated shortly after midday today, said: "The forecast high water is due at 5pm on October 10, 2013. The predicted astronomical tide level is 2.78m AODN. The forecast surge height is 0.82 m. The forecast tide level is 3.60 m AODN. The forecast wind direction is North North Westerly. The forecast wind strength is force 7."

This is the first flood alert for the borough's river frontage since November 9, 2010.