THE company running a water recycling plant which continues to give off an horrendous smell insists it is getting a grip with the problem.

Anglian Water was forced to apologise to residents after problems at other treatment plants in the region meant sludge was having to be treated at the Tilbury site in Fort Road, located just a few hundred metres from houses in the town.

Residents complained in their droves, with the Environment Agency and Thurrock Council stepping in to help deal with the issue.

But just this week, residents were complaining the foul stench was still blighting the town.

On Tuesday, John Clarricoats took to Twitter to ask: “Tilbury smelling awful again, when will water plant be brought to book, it stinks.”

Just over a week ago, Tilbury tweeters Nicola and Lee said: “Tilbury has reeked all day again. Sweltering room due to not being able to keep the window open because of the smell – yuck”.

On Friday, a spokesman for Anglian Water said the measures the firm have put in place are “helping”.

The spokesman said: “The site manager has brought in extra equipment to mask the odours and this appears to be helping. They’ve also increased routine processes to keep smells to a minimum.

“We aim to continue these improvements over the coming weeks and to reduce the amount of sludge needing to be treated on site.”

The site manager has also responded to individual complaints, the spokesman adding: “We do try to keep residents up-to-date on a regular basis, especially if they have been in direct contact with us.

“I can confirm our treatment manager has returned the calls of those residents who have been in contact to ensure they are fully informed and know that action is being taken.”