A SOUTH Ockendon ward councillor has hit out at the council for failing to maintain garages on the Flowers Estate.

Tory councillor Lynn Carr was walking past a row of garages near Canterbury Parade when one of the doors crashed to the floor after falling from its hinges.

Cllr Carr has complained about the maintenance of the garages on numerous occasions.

She said: “It’s abysmal. There’s loads of garages that look like they’re in a war zone. The vast majority are void and could be done up and rented out.

“There’s a long waiting list of people who want them, but that’s not happening.

“It frightened the life out of me when the door fell off. It could have fallen on a child. And it took days for anything to be done.

“It was the six weeks holiday – a garage like that is inviting to a youngster to muck around in. But you can’t shut the door once the horse has bolted.

“Something should be done before someone gets hurt.”