A LOVING dog owner has thanked police for helping save his canine’s life after it came within a whisker of dying.

Scott Winton was out walking his dog Toffee on Friday, July 26 when she collapsed due to heat exhaustion after temperatures soared over 30 degrees.

Mr Winton carried the three year old Dogue de Bordeaux, which weighs more than six stone, towards his house on South Road, in South Ockendon after it became clear she needed help but could not carry her further than Arcany Road.

Here he was given help by passing police officers PC Nicola Hadfield and PC Andy Gore, builders who watered down Toffee and a passing couple who lent him a mobile phone to call for help.

The police officers rushed both man and dog to a nearby vet where he was treated. The vet said if Toffee’s temperature had been half a degree higher she would not have survived.

Mr Winton, 37, said if it wasn’t for the kindness of passing people then his dog would have died.

“I didn’t know if she was going to make it but thanks to everyone elses generosity we were able to get her to a vet. Everyone was brilliant and I can’t thank them enough.

“It is scary to think she was so close to death. I have been keeping Toffee out of the sun and in the cool so this doesn’t happen again.”

West Thurrock Inspector Leigh Norris said: “This is some great work here by PC's Nicola Hadfield and Andy Gore from the Thurrock Problem Solving Team.

“I am convinced my two staff helped enormously to save the dog's life.”