A TILBURY school is planning for the future – by building a new centre for children with learning difficulties.

East Tilbury Junior School, in Princess Margaret Road, has applied to Thurrock Council to open a new facility for youngsters who need extra help with their studies.

The Pupil Intervention Centre will replace what is currently the empty caretaker’s house in the school grounds.

It will have five rooms, two downstairs replacing the lounge and three upstairs, which will provide a meeting area for parents and a further study area where pupils will further their literacy and maths skills before SATS exams.

Paul Griffiths, school headteacher, said: “We want to support the students at our school the best we can and this is a necessary step in the right direction. By transforming what is an unused house into an area for learning we will be helping children as well as ourselves”.

The junior and infant schools can hold up to 90 pupils at the moment, although it is thought that number will rise.

Mr Griffiths, who said he wanted the facility in place within four years, added: “We want to be able to meet all our students and parents’ demands and this will enable us to do that.

“These sort of sessions would normally take place in the school, but that is not possible with the growing numbers over the coming years.”