CELEBRITY Big Brother winner and X Factor star Rylan Clark went on a Channel 5 chat show to talk about current affairs and review the day’s news.

The Stanford-le-Hope boy gave his views on the UK’s decision to counter the terrorism threat in Mali by deploying 300 troops on The Wright Show last Wednesday.

He told host Matthew Wright, after being asked about troops being cut, too: “I just don’t understand how these men and these women are going out to these countries, fighting other people’s wars and then not getting the respect they deserve from this Government.”

Rylan also commented on a story about cancer rates being high because British people have a “stiff upper lip” and don’t report things quickly enough.

The 24-year-old said: “At the moment my glands are up. I’ve been to see a specialist because if you leave it, it could be something worse.

“I think that is the problem. We wait to report things.”