A THURROCK drummer has shared her joy at embarking on a UK tour with all girl rock band My Heroine.

Alex, Emma, Giverny, and Georgie have only been together for two years, but they’ve already built up such a following in that time, they feel confident enough to follow in the footsteps of some of the music industry’s biggest names and cast off their surnames.

Last year proved to be a big one for My Heroine, who triumphed in the Essex Battle of the Bands competition.

But this year looks set to be their biggest yet, with the start of their UK tour and release of their first single, I’ll Be Your Heroine, this month.

The girls, who are all aged in their twenties and are not signed to a record label at the moment, describe their music as taking inspiration from old school metal to pop punk – and everything in between.

Alex, from Stifford Clays, has been playing the drums and writing songs since the age of ten and also provides backing vocals for the band.

Speaking about the excitement of the single and upcoming tour, which kicks off in Brighton on February 16, she said: “The girls and I have worked really hard on this single and it is great to finally have something available for people to listen to.

“Touring is the best part about being in a band, you get to meet a lot of different characters, have a blast and show the world that girls can make music too.

“I thrive on being creative and playing drums like it’s the end of the world. “I am so pleased to be part of such a talented and inspirational group of women.”

Sharing lead vocals and guitar are Emma, who hails from Ellesmere Port, and Giverny, from Kidderminster. Proving the bass and vocals is Georgie, from Rayleigh.

A spokesman for the band described their sound as “edgy”, adding: “It’s an unexpected combination of soulful vocals while still staying true to the traditional influences.

“This group of young women are clearly passionate about what they do, they are full of energy while still remaining cool and collected.

“This refreshing combination leads to an unforgettable live performance with moody breakdowns and full on rocking choruses.

“A bit of old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll attitude thrown in makes them compelling to watch live – their lady like appearance soon gives way to full on rockers as they become immersed in their music.”

For more information about the band, including their tour dates, and the single, which will be available to download on iTunes, check out their website at www.myheroineofficial.com