RETIRED murder squad detective Trevor Marriott returns to the Thameside Theatre in March to share his theories on Jack The Ripper.

Marriott has been reinvestigating the 124-year-old murders in Whitechapel since 2002, and believes modern murder investigations can shed light on who may be responsible for the grisly crimes in 1888.

A spokesman for the Thameside Theatre said: “The identity of the killer known as Jack the Ripper has long remained a mystery, but now Trevor’s 21st century investigation has uncovered evidence from secret police files pointing to new suspects, all of which challenge our understanding of the case and cast major doubt on cherished, but outdated theories.

“After 124 years, can the identity of Jack the Ripper finally be revealed?”

Between April 1888 and February 1891 there were 11 murders in Whitechapel which were considered, at some stage, to be Ripper murders. Victims Nichols, Chapman, Stride, Eddowes, Kelly, McKenzie and Coles, all had their throats cut.

There was abdominal mutilation in all of the murders, except those of Stride and Mylett. Trevor Marriott has appeared on several TV programmes about the Ripper and has written two books on the murders, with a third planned.

Over the past six years he has travelled the world giving talks on cruise ships, colleges and universities, all illustrated with original crime scene photographs, contemporary reports and modern evidence.

He will be at the theatre, in Orsett Road, Grays, on Wednesday, March 6 from 7.30pm.

Tickets are £11 each, to book, call the theatre box office on 0845 3005264.