A SOUTH Ockendon woman has caused a stir after starring in a controversial advert for anti-aging cream.

TV presenter and model Sue Moxley, 52, of Brandon Groves, is featured in an advert for Natox, an organic cream, where she smashes and blows up mobility scooters, sets fire to a bus pass and shoots a set of fake teeth.

Directed by Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels star Nick Moran, the advert has been dubbed cruel to the elderly and attracted attention from The Sun, Daily Mail and Mirror.

The advert, filmed in a scrap yard in Buckinghamshire and carrying the slogan “say up yours to old age”, won’t be aired on television until February. But it has already been criticised by YouTube users, where it is available for viewing.

One said: “It’s no laughing matter, fact! How is this fun or a laugh? If you have to push your terminally ill mother round in a wheelchair you may understand. Ads like this should be banned.”

Another user said: “There are so many people that need mobility help and these people put out videos where vital equipment is wrecked for the sake of advertising.”

But Ms Moxley, who is married to David Van Day, said: “Some people take it all the wrong way.

“I think the controversy has been a bit weird. We never thought when we made it that it would have that effect. It’s a bit tongue in cheek really. “It wasn’t intended to be offensive.”

Along with husband Van Day, Ms Moxley has just made another advert for the anti-aging cream. Filmed at a church in Benfleet, Ms Moxley is asked by a vicar, played by Van Day, if her flawless skin is “divine intervention” to which she replies: “No, it’s just Natox.”

Ms Moxley added: “We’re a bit worried we might have wound up churchgoers now, too.”