A STANFORD-LE-HOPE primary is looking to convert to a foundation school.

Graham James Primary School, in The Sorrells, is currently classed as a community school, but intends to switch to foundation status from March 1.

A spokesman for the school said it believes the switch will “raise the achievement and aspirations of all students, bring benefits from external expertise, enable the school to better fulfil its community remit, and bring improved opportunities and outcomes for all students".

Foundation schools are still state funded, but the governing body has greater freedom in the running of the school than in a community establishment, as they can employ their own staff and take responsibility for admissions to the school.

In community schools, the council employs the school's staff, is responsible for its admissions, and owns the school's estate.

Anyone who wants to object to the proposal or comment can email info@grahamjamesprimary.thurrock.sch.uk by January 18, with “response to proposal to move to foundation status” in the subject line.