A HARD-UP mum was left heartbroken after burglars broke into her home and stole Christmas presents meant for her children.

Burglars raided the house of Jackie Smith, in St Chads Road, Tilbury, on December 14, between 4pm and 8pm.

They climbed over and caused damage to a fence before breaking into a summer house, converted into a bedroom, and stealing more than £1,000 worth of items.

This included new dressing gowns and X-Box games that were presents for the youngest of her six children.

After the wedding of her daughter this year, Ms Smith had already had to tell her youngest son, aged 11, he would only be getting a couple of presents this year, as the wedding had drained much of the family’s money.

A jewellery box and various electrical items were also taken.

Ms Smith, who works in Tesco, said: “I went to work, someone broke in, grabbed the presents and my jewellery box.

“It was just small stuff but it’s the principle.

“They must have seen they were presents for children.

“I’ve worked hard for sombody else to walk in and steal what I’ve worked for. Thankfully the family have helped out.”

Contact Tilbury police on 101.