SMALLZDEEP was just nine-years-old when he began making music.

During the ten years since it all started, the career of this Thurrock-born star has lifted off the ground.

Real name Connor Hammond, 19, he is known as Smallzdeep because when he started out in the music business he was so young and experiences in his life since have led to him writing highly emotive lyrics.

He started out by making instrumental tracks on a home computer and sending them off to artists. DJ Ironik was one, who used one of the instrumentals that Connor sent over.

But at 12, just after his father had passed away, he started writing lyrics, drawing on experiences in his life to create hard-hitting songs.

"When you're a kid, you have loads of emotions built up, but I used to write to get things off my chest. Ive just always loved music.

"Since then, it's just got bigger. I see it as more of a job than a hobby now."

Connor, who grew up in Grays and Chafford Hundred but has lived in all corners of the UK since, had one of his first big breaks when his song Let Me Rip Them was signed to a Czech Republic record label and played on the radio and in nightspots there.

The songwriter is now working with Matt Smith, aka Smivadee. Recognising his talent, Matt has offered to work with Connor, through making music videos and showcases, in a bid to push him in the right direction.

Connor added: "In my songs I like to talk about stuff that has gone on in my life. I've been through a lot.

"I also like to be as clever as I can with metaphors and word play."

Smallzdeep has a big year ahead.

He is set to release an EP with Yung Jo, another talented local artist, which will be available on iTunes and Amazon.

The young songsmith has lots of projects on the go but for him, it's all about writing.

"I write every day, but where i've got so many projects going on i've always got stuff to do.

"I've got my own solo stuff in the pipeline, too, so it's good just to keep it moving."

You can find out more about Smallzdeep on his Facebook page: and see him in action on You Tube: