CHADWELL St Mary residents are being urged to report nuisance motorcyclists if they’re seen tearing around the village.

Peter Saunders, chairman of the Chadwell St Mary Community Forum, recently met with Chief Insp Alan Cotgrove, the borough commander, where the resurgance in dangerous motorcyclists – who ride on pavements without helmets and on bikes that do not have licence plates – was top of the agenda.

The problem has existed in the area for a while, but Mr Saunders is urging residents to report sightings to the police, so they can clamp down on it.

Over the summer months, there have been good results, with ten bikes being scrapped.

Mr Saunders said: “A certain number of people ride motorbikes around the area. “They don’t wear crash helmets and the bikes have no number plates. They ride them anywhere they like.

“It’s a small, but significant minority that do it and they’re a danger. “If it was just noise, it would be a real nuisance, but the fact is it’s dangerous too and they aren’t concerned with it.”

He added signs have been put up by the police which give them power to crush vehicles being used anti-socially, but they have been vandalised.

He added: “It’s about getting people to report it. We have people coming to meetings and bringing it up, but the police can only deal with the problem if it’s reported.”

Chadwell St Mary ward councillor Barbara Rice said there has been an improvement in the situation.

She said: “We’ve had it ongoing for a long time. Whenever I have seen it and reported it, the police come down quickly and are very good.

“The problem is, one group of youngsters moves on and then another gets into it.”