The latest in the Mass Effect series keeps up the pumping adrenaline the third time out. And we get multiplayer, so, yay.

The top shooters all need this included straight out the box and it would be unforgiveable for any major developer to ignore.

After all, what better way to get your fan buyers to hassle their pals to also buy the game so they can play together.

If you have the previous iteration, you can import your character, but don’t. What’s the point? If you want to play that character, get your old disc out.

Start your marine career with the all new Mass Effect 3 from the start, as it is really supposed to be.

A new story, a new battle, and reaping a new victory. What can be more rewarding?

As usual, there is a mass (haa) of customisations throughout from character to weapon. We have seen some reports worrying about graphical glitches, but we didn’t see any. Nothing serious anyway.

It plays much like the previous ones, but the story telling and acting is excellent. The visuals of course are out of this world, but some of the shooty bits may feel a tad samey. Having said that, they are great fun to be samey.

You character, Shepherd, can approach battles in different ways, but we’ll let you discover just how techy it can get.

Squads, strategy, space, guns, and girls with guns. Mass Effect 3 does a good job of getting all the game cliché in there, and good job it does too.

Great fun, a little frustrating at times, and it feels good to win. But, you get to play this over and over because the story can swing depending on your decisions with your environment and the people you meet.

This is the last in a trilogy. Wonder how tempting it will become to make another episode if enough people stick their hands in their pocket for this one.