Let’s start with the appalling. Cones, and skittles. I hate and loathe them, but thankfully it seems the Forza 4 developers have kept them to a minimum. Drive through cones, knock over skittles.

Stupid. That and the return of the Amalfi track.

OK, that’s ALL the nastiness done. Let’s move on to look at what is currently the greatest racer you can buy.

It you had the previous one, this is recognisable, but there has been a million tweaks. New tracks like Infineon and Hockenheim. Lots of new cars, of course, but they have improved the look of Sedona, which I hated before, too bleak. With some grass, it ‘feels’ like a proper track.

The career is a little different. Instead of doing several races in the same class, often with same car, the batches of races uses all sorts, moving up the ladder all the time, but sometimes taking a step backwards. Nice.

The way the cars move too, seems to have been given a great boost. It’s harder now, but all the assists are still there. You can import your Forza 3 stuff too.

The events list is still long thank goodness, so you can rack up some much needed points there to get the car you need to continue your career. Big fault with Gran Turismo – you can get yourself in a tangle, and can no longer progress – not here.

As I said, this is a major new game, not just an update.

The Bernes Alps you saw on the demo is excellent – it’s fast, that’s what we want. Paint, online, rivals – it all just goes on and on.

The American Le Mans Series, Top Gear track (skittles, but not always) and so, so many cars. It’s more than I can handle. I am back to my Xbox – buy this, and let me beat your times on the Leaderboard.

But next time fellas, drop the stupid cones and skittles and stick to racing, just racing.