Gears of War is back for the third and final game in the trilogy.

It’s set in a fantasy world, made of war and corruption between raging factions. The first of these factions, and the main stories focus is the COG, headed by a roughneck character Marcus Fenix. All factions are battling to survive. The second of our famous three are the Horde. There are ferocious human-like beasties that stop at nothing for victory. And last but not least, the gooey glowing lambent, an infected version of the locust horde, that glow a bright yellow, and explode when killed, which is very frustrating!.

The COG have been left scattered on the far away planet of Sera, and are now living on huge barrage like sea craft. The storyline kicks in with an eerie dream that Fenix is having about his lost father. With loud guns being fired, buckets of blood being spilled, you come to find your father is actually still alive, and being held prisoner by the Locust. Not happy by the news, Fenix makes it his, and his Delta squad’s mission to find him!

Gears of War 3 is nothing new, by this I mean it’s everything a dedicated Xbox 360 gamer is used to. It has stuck to its roots, by keeping controls the same. Kinect might be fun.

We saw last year Gears fans could complete the campaign with a friend. This time around Epic has included four-way co-op so you can bring death and destruction to the baddies as a whole entire unit. Alongside the campaign you have another game mode, called horde where you defend against waves of enemies.

Again played with up to four friends, you have to survive a whopping 50 rounds, with enemies from entry level drones, to humongous Brumaks! Amazing stuff and well worth persevering at.

Gears of War 3 delivers exactly what a Gears game should be. Fast, loud, and messy! For what is believed at the moment to be the last game in the trilogy, expect some emotion, as Epic unfold some past lives of a selected few characters. It’s definitely a game any dedicated Xbox 360 fans need to play…!

Wondering if they will do any more? With this much popularity? You betcha, probably.