The name of the game gives a lot away on this one. An adult shooter that is more hectic than strategic. Not that a bit of commonsense and brain power would go amiss either.

The makers call your play area “shreddable” which means fun by the bucket-load. And it’s all British too – made in Guildford of all places and a darn good job they have done too.

The storyline as always is pretty generic, and with games like this almost superfluous. You have to save the world from The Target while working for The Network, or something.

All you really need to know is that you get to blow stuff up. A lot. Well, an incredible about really using firepower that seems to constantly increase. Most excellent.

This is escapism at its finest, and for the pure maniacal treat this offers, I would thoroughly recommend it.

It’s outrageous, fast, tactless and crazed. All the things a top shooter should be.

Remember those big box shooters you used to get in the local arcade? Well, here you go. Enjoy it from the comfort of your living room.