Monkeys then. Lots of them. On the Playstation 3. And you have to catch them all. Sounds familiar.

This is Ape Escape and it’s brilliant. This time you get to use that PS3 Move controller you have somewhere. Wave your arms around and use it to co-ordinate movements of a giant monkey catching net on the screen.

There are a few mini games on the side too but this is all about catching monkeys. Which appear to have escaped.

It’s simple stuff, well simple to explain anyway, but some of those cheeky chimps are pretty nippy and it takes a keen eye.

Ape Escape is great for kids – it’s for those three and up and they’ll love it. As well as the net, there’s a sort of ray gun, catapults, and a fan, all controlled with the Move handset.

It’s exhausting – how many monkeys have actually escaped? No one knows, but I can tell you it’s plenty to keep the kids and parents entertained for ages.