Well, the 12 year wait is over for the new Duke Nukem game. So, was it worth it?  I have talked with people who say both yes and no.

After all that time, it looks like a game from the early days. BUT, maybe that’s the point. Maybe that’s what the developers decided to go with rather than a super-polished mega-graphic game of today.

Perhaps all that ‘adult’ humour (read juvenile) is all part of the plan. Women are objects, aliens are bad, toilet jokes are funny. It’s all here in spades.

Feminists will have a coronary, older teenagers will snigger. There is swearing, but the violence is almost comedy.

Big daft guns, giant aliens taking our women. And motherships the size of, well, mother ships. We’ve all seen Independence Day by now.

It’s daft, it’s childish, and it’s definitely old school. Not sure the sexist one-liners are valid these days. Actually they aren’t, but then as I said, old school. Pretty sure they weren’t very valid in the old days either, but hey, that’s what rose tinted specs are for.

I think the secret to enjoying this is to just let it all wash over you. As Duke says, he is there to kick ass and chew gum, and he’s all out of gum. Hail to the king? Yeah, baby.