Ambassador for local artists

Thurrock Gazette: Passionate about her work – Colette Bailey, of arts organisation Metal

9:30am Tuesday 9th July 2013

COLETTE Bailey used to dream of being an artist, but she says she lacked the “unswerving belief” in her own work.

Having cancer gave me a new lease of life...and now I hope my turbans can help other women

Thurrock Gazette: Getting ahead – Kay Gunner

10:00am Tuesday 2nd July 2013

“CANCER didn't bring me to my knees, it brought me to my feet” – Hollywood star Michael Douglas isn’t the only one to put a positive spin on the big C. Great grandmother Kay Gunner, from Hadleigh, has found a new lease of life since being told she had breast cancer. She spoke to EMMA PALMER.

Our fight for change in memory of Maria

Thurrock Gazette: Manuel Fernandez with Celia Peachey and Benji Stubbings holding a picture of murdered Maria Stubbings

10:00am Tuesday 18th June 2013

WHY are women still being killed in domestic violence cases?

I couldn’t tell anyone my secret heartache, not even my husband

Thurrock Gazette: Childhood secrets – Rose Handleigh-Adams with her book Another Time, Another Place

10:00am Tuesday 11th June 2013

Rose Handleigh-Adams was sent to an unmarried mothers’ home at 15 where she says young girls in the 1950s “had their babies stolen from them”. She never told anyone about her tough childhood in North West London or the pregnancy until she recorded it in a book, aged 73. Now living in Basildon, Rose talks here to Louise Howeson about confronting the past and the awful way girls were treated in her youth.

From foster child to funk musician... introducing Southend’s first female archdeacon

Thurrock Gazette: Pioneer – Mina Smallman is the first female Archdeacon of Southend

10:00am Tuesday 4th June 2013

SOUTHEND’S first female Archdeacon, Mina Smallman follows her instincts and never judges other people. She says these are values that have served her well. It has guided her to champion underprivileged residents as a priest in Thames View in Barking, east London, as well as support young people in the local area. is a nutter, but I love working with him - the Voice star Leanne Jarvis reveals all

Thurrock Gazette: Leanne Jarvis

10:00am Tuesday 28th May 2013

As a kid, Leanne Jar-vis always tried to imagine what it would be like to be famous.

My sister is making the most of time she has left - Maureen Nolan on coming to terms with Bernie’s cancer

Thurrock Gazette: My sister is making the most of time she has left - Maureen Nolan on coming to terms with Bernie’s cancer

9:20am Tuesday 28th May 2013

MAUREEN Nolan has watched in admiration at how her sister Bernie has confronted her battle with terminal cancer. Maureen is a member of the pop group the Nolans who rose to fame in the Eighties and are best known for their song I’m in the Mood for Dancing. She is starring as Mrs Johnstone in the touring production of Blood Brothers, which comes to the Cliffs Pavilion, Westcliff, next week. Her sister Bernie was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 and underwent treatment. In 2012 the cancer had returned and this time spread to her brain, lungs, liver and bones. In February this year she was told she only had two weeks to live, but she remains positive.

We went through the same ordeal as Angelina Jolie

Thurrock Gazette: Angelina Jolie - double mastectomy

10:00am Tuesday 21st May 2013

TO the outside world Angelina Jolie has it all – looks, money, fame, a brood of beautiful kids and Brad Pitt by her side.

Tragedy inspired my writing career

Thurrock Gazette: Local setting – Bernardine Kennedy’s latest novel is based in Southend

9:00am Tuesday 14th May 2013

Bernardine Kennedy, from Southend, is a published author of nine books. She reveals how personal tragedy affects the way she writes.

I’ll always feel guilty for getting an abortion

Thurrock Gazette: Gemma Collins

10:00am Tuesday 7th May 2013

Only Way is Essex star Gemma Collins reveals to the personal traumas she’s kept secret – until now...

From Bond girl to beach cleaner...and why Patsy’s been kissing Leo DiCaprio

Thurrock Gazette: Joanna Lumley – getting her hands dirty in Essex

9:20am Tuesday 7th May 2013

IN her richly velvet, undulating purr of a voice, Joanna Lumley tells me what it’s like to go from kissing Leonardo DiCaprio on a film set to helping clean up the Essex coastline on a cold rainy day.

Thatcher was a role model for many, but not me

Thurrock Gazette: Victoria Holloway – example for young women thinking about going into politics

10:30am Tuesday 30th April 2013

BECOMING a role model for young women in politics was not on Victoria Holl- oway’s mind when she stood for the council. But two years on, she has risen to join Thurrock Council’s cabinet.

Trials and tribulations of witchcraft in Essex

Thurrock Gazette: Syd Moore – author

10:00am Tuesday 16th April 2013

ESSEX women who endured the terri-fying and tragic experience of being trialled for witchcraft, often resulting in their deaths, will be the subject of a night of music and storytelling this week.

My love for Victorian clothes got me a part in Les Mis

Thurrock Gazette: Linda Payne makes her own Victorian-era clothes, a passion that led to a role in the film production of Les Miserables

10:00am Tuesday 9th April 2013

WHEN Linda Payne first donned some Victorian clothes she could not have predicted that it would eventually land her a role in a Hollywood blockbuster.

Look at me now, bullies!

Thurrock Gazette: Cathryn Vallance – a finalist in the Miss Plus Size International modelling competition

10:00am Tuesday 26th March 2013

GOING clothes shopping used to fill Cathryn Vallance with dread. It meant admitting she was a dress size 22 in front of her naturally slim friends.

When a policeman came knocking at my door, I didn’t expect him to smile

Thurrock Gazette: Human rights activist – Betty Makoni

10:00am Tuesday 19th March 2013

FOR the women coming to this country looking to make a better life for themselves it can be a terrifying experience. Betty Makoni talks to LOUISE HOWESON about her experience

Writers are snobs...and I’m an Essex girl

Thurrock Gazette: Prolific – Martina Cole’s new book, the Life, is released in May

10:00am Tuesday 12th March 2013

CRIME writer Martina Cole is a sponge for every bit of news going.

There’s still life after rock ‘n’ roll

9:30am Tuesday 12th March 2013

Jo Wood is now organic queen, healthy living ambassador and an all-round lovely lady so it’s hard to believe she took part in some of the exploits she’s chronicled in her autobiography, Hey Jo: A Rock And Roll Fairytale

Racism inspired me to start the Selecter

Thurrock Gazette: Pauline Black

10:00am Tuesday 5th March 2013

HER distinctive voice inspired thousands to stand up against racism and sexism.

I’ll never forget the moment I heard: ‘It’s cancer’

Thurrock Gazette: Debbie Cambrey – cancer ordeal

10:00am Tuesday 26th February 2013

AS her daughter Hannah snuggled up to her on the sofa one summer evening in 2011, Debbie Cambrey felt a pain in her right breast.

I was left housebound by arthritis, but gym’s given me a new lease of life

Thurrock Gazette: More mobility – Lynda Edwards

9:20am Tuesday 19th February 2013

ARTHRITIS sufferer Lynda Edwards’ condition got so bad she was housebound for over a year.

Independent midwives could be forced out due to EU laws

Thurrock Gazette: New arrival – Lili and Sam with baby Rafferty

9:20am Tuesday 12th February 2013

WOMEN’S choices when it comes to giving birth are set to be reduced under new EU legislation which could mean independent midwives are unable to work in the UK.

We’d eat 5 takeaways a week ...but got fit to start a family

Thurrock Gazette: New start – Kevin Cohurst and Zara Garham

9:00am Tuesday 5th February 2013

IT was a documentary about an obese woman being lifted out of her home by a crane that made Zara Garham first want to lose weight.

Two years ago I couldn’t walk up the stairs...but look at me now!

Thurrock Gazette: Work it out – Rosemarie Berman

10:00am Tuesday 29th January 2013

BEFORE she started going to the gym two years ago, Rosemarie Berman could barely make it up the stairs, due to the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

Me a sex symbol? It just doesn’t add up, says Rachel Riley

Thurrock Gazette: Happy in Essex – Countdown numbers expert Rachel Riley

10:00am Tuesday 22nd January 2013

SCANNING the cafe I could have easily missed Rachel Riley sitting inconspicuously on a side table by a window.

Acting saved my life – poor kids must be taught to dream big

Thurrock Gazette: Film-maker Donna Taylor

10:00am Tuesday 15th January 2013

DONNA Taylor was a poor kid with bad prescription glasses, an alcoholic father and a bed-ridden mother. But when a teacher told her she had a talent for acting, it changed the course of her life forever.

Ditch those fad diets... and lose weight my way

Thurrock Gazette: Annie Mullis

10:00am Tuesday 15th January 2013

FORGET fad diets this January, invest in your long-term health, advises fitness instructor Annie Mullis.

I checked for lumps... but had breast cancer

Thurrock Gazette: Macmillan supporter – Lyn Goodhead

9:10am Tuesday 2nd October 2012

DISCOVERING she had seven tumours in her breast came as a complete shock to Lyn Goodhead.

Army wives who are united in song

Thurrock Gazette: Solid couple – Wendy Williams and her husband Glyn

9:00am Tuesday 2nd October 2012

THE moving story of Gareth Malone’s Military Wives Choir storming to the top of the charts captured the nation’s hearts and imagination.

Campaign to get rid of Page 3

Thurrock Gazette: Natasha Worby – ex-glamour model who now photographs topless girls

10:00am Tuesday 25th September 2012

SHOULD bare boobs be eradicated from page three of the Sun newspaper? Some say the page three feature is harmless while others believes it objectifies women.

Denise is in the mood for dancing

Thurrock Gazette: Denise Van Outen and her Strictly Come Dancing partner James Jordan

8:53am Tuesday 25th September 2012

DENISE Van Outen’s jazz hands are fully extended and shimmying vigorously at the moment.

The weird and scary world of author Syd

Thurrock Gazette: Loving the suspense – Sydney Moore

10:00am Tuesday 11th September 2012

I SUPPOSE I am drawn to morbid things and yes, weird things do seem to happen to me,” laughs Sydney Moore.

Busy mum Sharon is a fine example of multi-tasking

Thurrock Gazette: Hard worker – Sharon Harrison with daughter, Holly

3:15pm Monday 3rd September 2012

SHARON Harrison is a busy woman. She runs a her own parents’ support charity and oversees four successful businesses – while raising a family and planning a wedding.

The women hooked on CSI

Thurrock Gazette: Women in science – Rebecca Wells, 18, and Donna Boulden, 33, on the South Essex College forensics degree course

3:11pm Monday 3rd September 2012

MORE and more women are taking the step from being “armchair detectives” to studying criminology and forensic investigation.

I never fitted in at school...I loved opera, not pop music

Thurrock Gazette: Lili La Scala

10:00am Friday 31st August 2012

I’M convinced I should have been born in 1918 – but I do love technology so I suppose I get the best of both worlds,” laughs singer and burlesque dancer Lili La Scala.

Olympic sailor Saskia Clarke has made sacrifices to live out her childhood dream

Thurrock Gazette: Saskia Clark

3:53pm Thursday 26th July 2012

It has taken grit and determination to be able to compete at a world class level

Tracy Board is proof it is never too late to get in shape

Thurrock Gazette: Tracy after losing over three and a half stone

3:29pm Thursday 26th July 2012

Regular Essex Boot Camp goer Tracy Board lost over three and a half stone through consistent training

Rise of the comic girls

Thurrock Gazette: Victoria Ellesley has seen a rise in female comic fans in the comic book shop where she works

3:02pm Thursday 26th July 2012

More women are getting into the villain and superhero filled genre than ever before

Since reinventing herself as a successful bodybuilder Jodie wants to tackle bullying in schools - as well as in the media

Thurrock Gazette: Since re-inventing herself as a successful bodybuilder Jodie wants to tackle bullying in schools - as well as in the media.

8:30am Monday 16th July 2012

Jodie has joined forces with the Diana Award anti-bullying programme to encourage kids to speak out about bullying and has visited schools across Essex to spread the positive message.

This week Gill Millane tells us how she lost the weight she piled on after retirement

Thurrock Gazette: This week Gill Millane tells how she lost the weight she piled on after retirement.

8:30am Monday 16th July 2012

Heather Samson and Clare Archer, from Club Kingswood in Basildon, will be helping us live healthier lifestyles. This week Gill Millane tells how she lost the weight she piled on after retirement.

Seeing the darker side of life as a modern day Geisha inspired Susanna Quinn to write a book

Thurrock Gazette: Seeing the darker side of life as a modern day Geisha inspired Susanna Quinn to write a book

4:09pm Thursday 12th July 2012

Susanna Quinn witnessed many horrors in her three years working as a modern day Geisha in Tokyo’s notorious Roppongi District.

Women behind the camera

Thurrock Gazette: Women behind the camera

3:22pm Thursday 12th July 2012

WHEN Dame Helen Mirren spoke out about the lack of women filmmakers, the world took notice. So why are there so few women in the industry?

Do Ascot organisers have the right to dictate how we dress?

Thurrock Gazette: Do Ascot organisers have the right to dictate how we dress?

8:30am Monday 25th June 2012

Ascot organisers enforced a new dress code this year and kept a close eye on people to make sure they adhered to it. But is this a step too far?

Only skin deep - women share the stories behind their tattoos

Thurrock Gazette: Only skin deep - women share the stories behind their tattoos

8:30am Monday 25th June 2012

Tattoos have been around for thousands of years. But what inspires women today to decorate their bodies in such a permanent way?

Fit and healthy Ann Atkins, 68, lost a stone got fit by making small changes.

Thurrock Gazette: Diet and fitness advice from Heather Samson and Clare Archer from Club Kingswood in Basildon

3:22pm Friday 22nd June 2012

This week Heather Samson and Clare Archer from Club Kingswood in Basiln, help 68-year-old Ann Atkins overhaul her diet and exercise regime.

Diet and fitness advice from Heather Samson and Clare Archer from Club Kingswood in Basildon

Thurrock Gazette: Diet and fitness advice from Heather Samson and Clare Archer from Club Kingswood in Basildon

10:00am Monday 18th June 2012

Find out how busy trainee solicitor Jay Dee Kallagher managed to lose weight while training for the London Marathon this year

Do you see the glass half empty? Blame your genes.

Thurrock Gazette: Do you see the glass half emoty? Blame your genes.

9:18am Monday 18th June 2012

Scientists have discovered that being an optimistic or pessimistic may be rooted in our genes and hardwired into our brains - Louise Howeson finds out more.

Ex-soap star and theatre darling, Kara Tointon waltzes her way back to the Cliffs

Thurrock Gazette: Ex-soap star and theatre darling, Kara Tointon waltzes her way back to the Cliffs

9:10am Monday 18th June 2012

When she left EastEnders Kara Tointon fell into depression after she couldn't find work. However, a last minute decision to take part in Strictly Come Dancing saw her catapulted back into the limelight.

I watched mum suffer from this cruel disease... but when I sang to her she smiled

Thurrock Gazette: I watched mum suffer from this cruel disease... but when I sang to her she smiled

8:30am Monday 11th June 2012

It broke Valerie Muncer's to watch her once fiercely independent, outgoing mum deteriorate with Alzheimer’s. Now she is fundraising in her memory.

Who says us girls can’t be funny...

Thurrock Gazette: Who says us girls can’t be funny...

1:16pm Thursday 7th June 2012

We got fed up of hearing middle-class white blokes telling set up our own comedy nights

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