PRESIDENT Gill Morris asked everyone to raise a glass of sherry to welcome in the New Year.

Everyone agreed the Christmas party was a success.

Margaret Ockendon presented bouquets of flowers to Gill Morris and Niki Nunn for their efforts in arranging this.

The all over winner of the competition cup was presented to Niki Nunn.

Resolutions were read out and voted on, with the majority voting for Fuel Poverty. The County Annual Meeting is at the Cliffs Pavilion, in Westcliff, on March 9. Also the Denman College day in August was discussed.

It was unfortunate the speaker didn’t arrive, but the evening was made up with holiday stories from the members.

This was most entertaining and enjoyed by all.

The meeting ended with a quiz won by Rose Phillips, who also won a mystery prize given by Jane Woodman.

Raffle prizes were won by Hazel Green, Grace Patch and Joy Ridgewell.

The next meeting will be on February 7 at 7pm at West Tilbury Village Hall.

A Beetle Drive has been arranged and everyone is welcome.